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The Boston Diaries - Changing the historical record of my blog

The Boston Diaries - A classic blunder, like getting involved in a land war in Asia


Idiomdrottning - Mental Ice Age

Idiomdrottning - Golgafrincham Ark Fleet Ship B

Idiomdrottning - Prose vs Game

Idiomdrottning - What about efail? bphflog - pidnull

The Boston Diaries - To err is human—to really mess up takes a computer

2023-09-26 bphflog - OSI Model

Idiomdrottning - Finding GPG keys

mediocregopher's lil web corner - Code Coverage Ain't Everything

The Boston Diaries - An unexpected nostalgic hit at the local barber surgeon shop

The Boston Diaries - The scene that always plays out at Chez Boca

Laniakea Journal - This years garden season is coming to an end


An Inhabitant of Carcosa - ROOPHLOCH 2023 feed - DTail usage examples

Idiomdrottning - The God of the Gaps is coming from inside the house

Martin's Capsule - Using llama-cpp-python server with LangChain bphflog - Re: When Getting A Degree Makes You The Enemy

Halfway to Mars - I add /start/, a list of links to things that link to other things. You can use it too, if you like., a radical gemlog - poems of parting

2023-09-24 bphflog - Random Melody Generation

The Boston Diaries - Failures in customer facing user interfaces bphflog - Chamomile

Idiomdrottning - AI is UI

whale fall - www art share #11

winter's gemlog - Slow Healing

PlayOnBSD Games - 16:15:46 UTC PlayOnBSD Games Changes

GeminiLoggBookOberDadaisticus - Random music


Idiomdrottning - Queequeg0925

Idiomdrottning - How to block users and instances on Akkoma

Idiomdrottning - show-trailing-whitespace is my friend

The Boston Diaries - Stirring and shaking may be boring, but the future this brings will effect you in the future

The Boston Diaries - Proportional fonts for coding? No thank you


JBanana's gemlog - Underscores in host names _

2023-09-21 bphflog - Pitch Hallucination

JP's log - 98 Tasks

mediocregopher's lil web corner - Deep Ecology

reidrac's Personal Gemlog - Two new DOS games

2023-09-20 bphflog - Parallel Backwards Functions, a radical gemlog - going off antidepressants

winter's gemlog - One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer


The Boston Diaries - How long until I receive some really damaging information about another Sean Conner out there?

Rob's Gemini Capsule - Messenger Lite Isn't Dead

- baldur's gate pee


Rob's Gemini Capsule - 2023 Week 35/36/37: Photos

Techrights - XWayland Rootfull: For When the Mountain Won’t Come to Muhammad

Techrights - You Know the World Wide Web is Tied to a Particular Web Browser When…

Techrights - Turning WebP Off in SeaMonkey and LibreWolf

Techrights - Ring Doorbells Don’t Solve Crime. They Are a Felony to Use.

Techrights - [Meme] Hatchet Job Gone Wrong

Techrights - IRC Proceedings: Sunday, September 17, 2023

Techrights - 10 Years Ago, When GNU Had Almost Turned 30, Richard Stallman Gave This Internet Hall of Fame Induction Speech

Techrights - Links 18/09/2023: GNUHealth Hospital Management 4.2.2 and Celluloid Video Player 0.26 Released

Techrights - GNU/Linux Versus Windows Around the World (Sept. 2023)

Techrights - Gemini Links 18/09/2023: Systemd Rants and Flatpak integration in Qubes OS

Techrights - IBM’s LVFS (Linux Vendor Firmware Service) is a Malicious Remote Backdoor and You Should Turn It Off Now

Techrights - Rianne Schestowitz: Dissecting the Minds of the Mobsters

Techrights - Leftover Links 18/09/2023: A Week’s Catchup, Climate Focus

Techrights - Links 18/09/2023: Linux 6.6 RC2 and 7 New Distro Releases

2023-09-17 bphflog - Beangate

Martin's Capsule - Hardware accelerated playback on PineTab 2 (RK3566)

SL1200 - Ventajas de Linux frente a Windows

winter's gemlog - In Which I Finally Meet Spaghetti Pete

Techrights - Links 17/09/2023: The Rehearsal and AuraGem Music Bugfix

Techrights - Alex Oliva (FSF) on Major Injustice to Richard Stallman


~ew's FlightLog - 2023-09-16 -- ROOPHLOCH --- Fancy Ideas?

~ew's FlightLog - 2023-09-16 -- ROOPHLOCH --- connection test

~ew's FlightLog - 2023-09-16 -- ROOPHLOCH --- preparations

JP's log - PineTime Six Months Later

Spool Five - Three Years On

ReK2, Hispagatos - Personal capsule - USENET el Heroe que vuelve!

2023-09-15 bphflog - The Progressive Era

Martin's Capsule - RE: On using Pinyin

winter's gemlog - Unity and Runtime Fees: Reflecting on a Decade Making Games

2023-09-14 bphflog - "On Education" bphflog - termemu bphflog - vi to/find character

Remy Noulin's glog - Using slackware


The Boston Diaries - Dear Walmart … seriously? That's what you keep under lock and key? bphflog - Free Range Prose

JP's log - Distrohopping to Fedora Silverblue

mediocregopher's lil web corner - Story Time: The Hackiest Feature of Them All

Rob's Gemini Capsule - Stone Skipping

whale fall - www art share #10


Halfway to Mars - I link to words/ from the homepage., a radical gemlog - quick teaching update

Nick Thomas - Garden Room

2023-09-11 bphflog - roophloch'23

Halfway to Mars - I ponder the upsides and downsides of what Apple’ll probably announce on Tuesday. Oh, and I also mention that my previous Scrawlspace post is my ROOPHLOCH 2023 entry.

winter's gemlog - The Opaque Corpus

Laniakea Journal - One year without a PC

2023-09-10 bphflog - Another Crazy CDDA Moment

skyjake - The Busy Phase

station ping - Каждый программист должен написать свой редактор

Solderpunk vs the windmills - Announcing the Smol Earth Compendium


The Boston Diaries - How common is it for people to not know their own email address?

The Boston Diaries - Welcome back!

2023-09-08 bphflog - Rogue Mapgen

Новости // - /man/

Rob's Gemini Capsule - The Middle


That It Be! - It's Fall

winter's gemlog - Twitter and the ADL and Dogwhistles


GeminiLoggBookOberDadaisticus - Recommendation algorithms: all fail


slondrlog - Fast thoughts on a fast language


Новости // - Превод aTox-а

Michaelʼs Gemlog - Feed Subscriptions on the Small and Not So Small Net

Rob's Gemini Capsule - Vacation Canceled

whale fall - www art share #9


ttocsneb - Simple Site Generator

Halfway to Mars - On day 63 of saving Hyrule again, I get some tail and I get a couple big hugs.

winter's gemlog - We Need to Fix the Core Experience: Living in the Die-Off of Social Media

Reihar's Gemlog - Fireworks


Rob's Gemini Capsule - A Practical Use for NNCP

Martin's Capsule - Benchmarking RK3588 NPU matrix multiplication performance EP2

SL1200 - Seguridad de Windows vs Linux en el mundo de las pequeñas herramientas


Solderpunk vs the windmills - Announcing ROOPHLOCH 2023

winter's gemlog - Depth and Surface

GeminiLoggBookOberDadaisticus - Degrees of democracy


ew0k is a Teddybear - PLANNED ANTENNA DOWNTIME

Rob's Gemini Capsule - Yggdrasil

Gemlog - Launching


Новости // - Везе

winter's gemlog - Hot Dogs and Découpé


Rob's Gemini Capsule - Sleuthing an Old Phone

Nick Thomas - Straw bales


ew0k is a Teddybear - Impatient, Ascetic, Awesome

JP's log - Brute Forcing Cheat Codes

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