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To improve the quality of your search results, you can apply filters to constrain your search results in various dimensions. The currently implemented filters are:

To filter by one of these, simply add it to your query followed by a colon, and the value you wish to filter by. Some examples of doing so follow.






contextual domain:gus

computers content_type:gemini AND NOT charset:US-ASCII

NOT charset:none

Note that size works slightly different than the other filters, as it is numeric. Typically, you will want to limit your search results to those less than, or greater than, a certain size.

computer AND size:>2000

For further inspiration on how to use these filters, you can visit both GUS' list of known hosts, as well as GUS' list of known content_types and charsets on the statistics page. Note that there is some nuance to the charset values, due to the fact that specifying them is optional, and if one does not specify, there is a default of utf-8 - pages that do not specify a charset have an indexed charset value of "none".

GUS Known Hosts (with list of domains)

GUS statistics (with list of content_types)

Verbose Mode

To allow greater insight into both how pages are ranking against each other, as well as when GUS crawled their content, you can enable verbose mode on any search results page. This will show the numerical score of each search result for the given query, the exact time that page was crawled, as well as its specified charset.

There is a button at the top of each search results page to toggle verbose mode on or off, but you can also specify verbose mode manually in your URLs by utilizing the below pattern. Simply add a new "v" path component to the URL preceding the "search" path component. Below is an example:



Note that verbose mode is sticky, and will persist between pages of results results, so you will need to manually toggle verbose mode off when you are finished with it.

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