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CNN (Last Updated: 2023-09-28)

∙ Cancer centers, hospitals still feeling effects of ongoing cancer drug shortages

∙ Tensions erupt between McCarthy and Gaetz at closed-door House GOP meeting as shutdown nears

∙ Sycamore Gap: 16-year-old boy arrested after famous tree ‘deliberately felled’

∙ Pending home sales plunged last month as mortgage rates hit 20-year highs

∙ Analysis: A messy government shutdown is the last thing the economy needs

∙ The Zoom backgrounds that make you look more - or less - trustworthy, according to experts

∙ Peloton shares rise following a partnership with former foe Lululemon

∙ Opinion: When it comes to quality over quantity, this Republican contender nailed it

∙ Opinion: The GOP debate’s biggest losers

∙ Convicted felon suspected of killing a 26-year-old Baltimore tech CEO is arrested at a train station

∙ Polls: The last time a presidential front-runner had this much of a primary lead, he became the nominee

∙ US consumer spending was much weaker in the second quarter than previously estimated

∙ A NATO country could soon have a pro-Russian leader

∙ Evergrande says its chairman is suspected of crimes

∙ Milan Fashion Week: Stars and style align at the Spring-Summer 2024 shows

∙ Fran Drescher ‘looking forward’ to talks resuming between actors’ union and Hollywood studios next week

∙ Biden to announce library in honor of longtime friend John McCain in Arizona

∙ ‘Excited’ Damian Lillard traded to Milwaukee Bucks in three-team deal

∙ Milley says Trump disrespected US military with execution comment

∙ Nagorno-Karabakh will cease to exist from next year. How did this happen?

∙ The Mississippi River is starving for rain. Its prospects are grim

∙ Prosecutors demand Amazon information on the purchase of knives in case against Idaho student killings suspect Bryan Kohberger

∙ What to watch for during Joe Biden’s first impeachment inquiry hearing

∙ Michael Gambon, Dumbledore actor in ‘Harry Potter,’ dies age 82

∙ Massive warehouse explosion in Uzbek capital leaves one dead and scores injured

∙ Yelp sues Texas to defend its labeling of crisis pregnancy centers

∙ To the very end, ‘Physical’ put in the sweat to break down diet culture

∙ Delta CEO: Airline ‘probably went too far’ with SkyMiles changes

∙ ‘The Creator’ tries connecting a tale of humanity with a war-ravaged AI future

∙ ‘The Golden Bachelor’ misses a golden opportunity by being the same-old show

∙ Baton Rouge police tortured detainees in ‘Brave Cave,’ lawsuits allege

∙ Extreme fear is haunting markets again. Here’s why investors are running scared

∙ Is it a cold, flu or Covid-19? A doctor helps sort it out

∙ Sharon Osbourne offers Ozempic warning

∙ Erling Haaland sits on bench as Manchester City knocked out of Carabao Cup with 1-0 defeat against Newcastle

∙ Senate unanimously passes formal dress code

∙ Trial delayed for University of Idaho student killing suspect Bryan Kohberger

∙ Takeaways from the second Republican presidential debate

∙ Business community speaks out after Target blames crime for store closures

∙ On GOP debate stage, a sometimes oversimplified view of China’s economy

∙ House Republicans release more than 700 pages of internal IRS documents from whistleblowers in Hunter Biden probe

∙ Switzerland’s glaciers lose ‘mind-blowing’ volume of ice in just two years

∙ Pokémon teams up with Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

∙ Billionaire with ‘more wine than could be drunk in a lifetime’ to sell 25,000 bottles worth $50M

∙ 5 takeaways from America’s landmark lawsuit against Amazon

∙ Biden to issue a warning over Trump’s threats to democracy as they head toward possible 2024 rematch

∙ Trump is attacking electric vehicles. Automakers already bet their future on them

∙ Boeing delivery delays disrupt Ryanair flights again

∙ US skater Vincent Zhou left in limbo over his Olympic medal after Kamila Valieva’s positive doping case drags on

∙ National Coffee Day deals: Free drinks at Dunkin’, Krispy Kreme and more

∙ Tyson and Perdue under investigation by Department of Labor

∙ ‘Harry Potter’ star Bonnie Wright gives birth to her first child

∙ Memorial from broken headstones to mark desecrated Jewish cemetery in Belarus

∙ She’s a health policy expert. She still had trouble getting her Covid-19 vaccine

∙ As Covid infections rise, nursing homes are still waiting for vaccines

∙ How Hollywood writers’ landmark deal with studios could set a precedent in the battle against A.I.

∙ Where is China’s defense minister? Beijing keeps silent

∙ House Republicans take on Biden as government shutdown looms

∙ Taiwan unveils first domestically built submarine as China threat grows

∙ Atlanta Braves slugger Ronald Acuña Jr. becomes the first player in MLB history to join the 40-70 club

∙ American soldier Travis King arrives back in US after being freed by North Korea

∙ Texas man pleads guilty in the smuggling operation that left 53 migrants dead in a hot semitruck in San Antonio

∙ Lionel Messi-less Inter Miami falls to Houston Dynamo in US Open Cup final

∙ Prominent Iraqi TikToker fatally shot in Baghdad amid crackdown on LGBTQ community

∙ Greece hit by several months of rain in a day, just weeks after storm killed 17

∙ The Asian Games’ golden ticket: South Korea’s esports stars target medal success – and a military exemption

∙ Angelina Jolie says founding new fashion studio has been ‘therapeutic’

∙ North Korea amends constitution to bolster nuclear power status, calls US and allies ‘worst threat’

∙ This city was the murder capital of late-medieval England – and it’s not London

∙ Powerball jackpot swells to $925 million after no winner snagged the prize Wednesday night

∙ Activists win court ruling to pause seismic blasting for gas off Australia’s western coast

∙ 3 Baton Rouge police officers are on leave as investigations continue into ‘Brave Cave’ alleged police torture warehouse

∙ Colorado authorities find remains of Suzanne Morphew, who disappeared on Mother’s Day 2020 bike ride

∙ Australian man who faked his own kidnapping to meet mistress ordered to pay police

∙ McConnell and McCarthy split deepens as GOP divide prompts shutdown fears

∙ Trump claims to be pro-worker. His record says he’s anti-union

∙ Trump makes play for Michigan’s working-class voters as he skips GOP debate

∙ South Korea has jailed a man for using AI to create sexual images of children in a first for country’s courts

∙ Second Republican debate speaking times: By the numbers

∙ The numbers for Wednesday night’s $850 million Powerball jackpot have been drawn

∙ Judge assigned to US antitrust case against Amazon recuses himself

∙ Indonesia bans e-commerce transactions on social media in major blow to TikTok

∙ American soldier Travis King is en route to the US after being freed by North Korea

∙ Striking actors and Hollywood studios to restart talks days after writers announce a new tentative labor contract

∙ Travis Kelce talked Taylor Swift on his podcast

∙ Heinz creates ‘Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch’ condiment for Taylor Swift

∙ White House says it’s entirely on House GOP to avoid a shutdown as deadline nears

∙ Manhunt underway for ‘extremely dangerous’ convicted felon suspected of killing a 26-year-old female tech CEO in Baltimore

∙ FDA updates Ozempic label to acknowledge some users’ reports of blocked intestines

∙ Florida Mega Millions winner claims $1.6 billion prize from August

∙ Ukraine says former Wagner fighters back in Bakhmut, now working as individuals for Russian Defense Ministry

∙ Uber announces chipmaker executive as new chief financial officer

∙ Delta CEO: Company went ‘too far’ with its SkyMiles rewards program changes

∙ Russia seeks to rejoin UN Human Rights Council despite its war on Ukraine

∙ ‘Wedding became a graveyard.’ At least 100 killed as fire rips through party in Iraq

∙ Gisele Bündchen shares family photo with all five of her sisters and her parents from recent Brazil trip

∙ Biden teases forthcoming executive order on AI

∙ Trudeau apologizes for ‘embarassing’ celebration of Ukrainian veteran who fought for Nazi unit in World War II

∙ Opinion: What is still shocking about Trump

∙ Canada House Speaker resigns after celebrating Ukrainian veteran who fought for Nazi unit in World War II

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